Who I Am

Marie Rocher | Marketing Strategist

I’m a certified digital and inbound marketing professional who helps brands create
successful inbound marketing strategies to engage with their communities at all
points in the funnel – to broaden brand awareness, build relationships
and bring in revenue.

My Experience

My career journey over the last decade has been both unexpected and fascinating. Twelve years ago, I couldn’t have envisaged doing what I do now for a living, as most of it hadn’t even come into being yet!

  • 2009 – I left my job in book publishing for a career in the new field of digital publishing. During my time at a leading South African publishing house, I was responsible for commissioning titles; budget, project and people management; sub and copy editing; attending to legal obligations; and managing brand, marketing communications and publicity, including website and the newly emerging social media channels, TV, radio, print media and events. I was intimately involved in the launch of a new trade books imprint, particularly in developing a unique, relevant brand identity and an intensive brand awareness campaign at imprint level, as well as promotion at title level.
  • 2010 – I joined a niche web development and publishing company, which afforded me a hands-on opportunity to combine my knack for writing with the new field of search engine optimisation. I worked in a super studio with a bunch of talented creatives, where I tackled long-form SEO articles and blog writing; short-form and micro-copy; content and social media strategies; content curation; copy editing; script writing; commissioning; analytics and reporting; market research; PPC; SEO and SMO. During this time, I began contributing as a freelance writer to some of South Africa’s leading glossy magazines, including The O Magazine (Oprah) and FAIRLADY, and have been privileged to earn several cover features.
  • 2016 – I spent the next 18 months as the senior digital marketing specialist at a digital marketing agency. Surviving in a fast-paced, pressured environment was made easier by the wonderful creative crew with whom I worked. Together, we tackled web development, eCommerce, and digital marketing campaigns for diverse customers – from retail to industry, from solopreneurs to national brands, and B2B to B2C – all of which gave me valuable hands-on experience across a range of platforms, projects and people!
  • 2017 – Next, I landed a marketing and media management gig at an energy company. Here, I bootstrapped an entire inbound marketing strategy via hands-on full-stack marketing, and co-ordinating a small team of marketing specialists and outside service providers. Before me, there was no established corporate identity or brand, no optimised website, no tracking, no social media, no inbound lead generation, no lead qualification, no press and no PR! Today, business comes to the company through fully optimised web and social channels, and the brand continues to grow.
  • 2021 – After the pandemic pandemonium of 2020, it was time for a change of energy! Back to agency life for me, as I took up a position at an award-winning agency specialising in digital marketing solutions for SMEs, first as senior strategist and then as Director of Strategy, responsible for creating effective digital marketing strategies to grow clients’ brands and businesses.
  • 2022 – My next challenge: brand, content and creative strategy at a full-service creative agency working on national and international brands in the FMCG, tech and industrial spaces (B2B and B2C). Stand-out highlights include being the lead strategist on the 50th anniversary plans for an iconic national brand, which also involved a brand repositioning; and working on a sustainability strategy for a global manufacturing company.

My Driving Force

Fiat 500

My Education

I’m a bit of nerd, with a flair for book learning!

  • HonsBA (Psychology)
  • BA cum laude (English, Psychology)
  • Diploma in Journalism (Creative Writing, Freelance Journalism)
  • Matric Exemption

My Certifications

I’m crazy about digital marketing – certifiable, in fact!

  • GOOGLE My Business: ID59008902
  • GOOGLE Analytics
  • GOOGLE Ads: ID59011446
  • GOOGLE Fundamentals of Digital Marketing: ID 427 2UB L8k
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification: ID 764ae025a544f1c87023e707ca10e67

My Values

I work according to a simple premise – to conduct myself in a manner befitting of a certified inbound/digital marketing professional. To this end, I do not make use of black hat marketing tactics nor unethical business practices that would call my craft into disrepute or question my personal integrity.


I’m passionate and principled, and work for the best interests of the brand, the project and its people – the only way to achieve true, long-term marketing success – through delivering honest, creative, responsible marketing solutions.

  • Authenticity
  • Integrity
  • Transparency

What I Do

As a deep-thinking strategic marketer, I draw on both my analytical and creative sides to craft strategies and tactical plans that work – drawing from research, data analysis, experience and a healthy dose of creative intuition.


As a hands-on tactical marketer, I leverage layers of the digital marketing stack and co-ordinate resources to facilitate acquisition (helping draw people in), consideration (helping them weigh up a brand, product or service offering) and conversion (prompting them to take an action, like signing up to a newsletter, sending an enquiry or ordering a product).

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Brand experience

Customer experience optimisation

Customer journey optimisation

User experience optimisation

Disruptive outbound techniques have gone the way of the Dodo – extinct! We’re living in the age of the customer, and the organisations which will see success are the ones that put the customer at the centre of everything that they do.

Interested in shifting to customer-centricity?
I can help!

Inbound Marketing

Digital Marketing

Search engine optimisation

Search engine marketing

Social media marketing

Website development

Those pesky unsolicited marketing calls from unknown numbers – that’s interruptive marketing and it’s not cool. Thankfully, there are better ways to get people’s attention – through using the digital marketing stack.

Don’t know your social media from your search engine? I’ll show you how!

Content Marketing

Content Marketing


Social media management

Email marketing

Lead magnets

The age of the consumer heralded the end of the broadcast era. With consumers spending increasing amounts of time online, it follows that digital marketing channels are where you need to be.

Content personalisation is where it’s at – let’s get your brand online!

Digital PR

Digital PR

Thought leadership

Online reputation management

Media monitoring

Media pitches

There’s only one thing in life worse than talked about, and that is not being talked about at all, said writer Oscar Wilde. All good and well, but it does require careful management.

Ready to take your online brand to the next level? Let’s enhance that brand chatter!

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